Khao Soi

by Chariya

Contemporary casual dining,

"Please note that our dining time slots are 2 hours to ensure a pleasant experience for all our guests who coming from all over the country. Thank you.

Click and collect available during Europa League matches, from Tuesday to Thursday, 18:00-20:30

About Our Chef Patron: Chariya

Chariya, the talented and passionate chef behind Khao Soi By Chariya, is the proud winner of Masterchef 2023, the renowned cooking competition on BBC1. Following her triumphant victory, Chariya chose to share her love for northern Thai cuisine by opening a small, cozy restaurant in the charming town of Alton, Hampshire.

Chariya's culinary expertise is deeply rooted in her family's traditions, with many of the recipes at Khao Soi By Chariya being treasured heirlooms passed down through generations. Her dedication to preserving and showcasing the authentic flavors of her hometown is evident in every dish she prepares. At Khao Soi By Chariya, guests are invited to experience the rich, aromatic, and heartwarming cuisine of northern Thailand, crafted with love and a deep respect for her culinary heritage.

What type of restaurant is this?

Khao Soi By Chariya is a casual dining restaurant that offers a unique and authentic culinary experience, focusing on the vibrant and flavorful cuisine of northern Thailand. The menu features a selection of traditional dishes, many of which are cherished family recipes passed down through generations from Chariya's hometown. Guests can enjoy a warm and inviting atmosphere while savoring the rich, aromatic flavors that define northern Thai cuisine. Whether you are seeking a comforting bowl of Khao Soi or exploring other regional specialties, Khao Soi By Chariya promises an unforgettable dining journey through the heart of Thailand.

lunch MENU

Available on every Saturday 1:30pm-3pm

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opening hours

Tuesday - Wednesday:

6pm-9pm (Last order is 8:30pm)


5:30pm-10pm (Last order is 9pm)

Saturday: 1pm-3pm, 5:30pm-10pm (Last order is 9pm)

Sunday and Monday: CLOSED


Cross and Pillory Lane, Alton, GU34 1HL

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